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When considering Huntington Place as the location for your next meeting there are many options available to you.

Huntington Place has ballrooms, meeting rooms, municipal parks (Hart Plaza and Detroit Riverwalk) and divisible exhibit hall options. You might need a ballroom for your keynote speakers and breakout meeting rooms and an exhibit hall for exhibits!  The Infinity and Ovation Yacht Charters docked off the Riverwalk can be used for meetings, luncheons, dinners or entertainment modules of your event.

Feel free to view the floor plans and capacities in the TCF brochure to get an idea of what we have to offer. You can also download our Event Planning Guide and other meeting planner tools.

Huntington Place Security

Security measures established for each event in Huntington Place support the entire event ecosystem. A united effort to mitigate risks through preparedness, security and safety measures is put in place to provide protection and peace of mind to all visitors. Pre-event planning ensures that Huntington Place security is working effectively with your event security agency to create an environment of safety and hospitality for all attendees.

Huntington Place Brand Media

Use of the Huntington Place logo on marketing materials by show management, exhibitors or their vendors requires an executed Limited Logo Use Agreement. Consult your sales or event manager to develop this legal agreement.

Events may use the Huntington Place brand media on their internal documents. Click HERE for more information.

Event Planning FAQs

What is the policy regarding face mask in Huntington Place?

During events in Huntington Place, each event lessee sets the rules for mask mandates in event areas. Please check with show management and abide by their rules to keep all event attendees safe.

At present Huntington Place recommends that everyone wear masks in the public spaces of the building (lobbies, hallways). Policy within the rented space is determined by the show organizer. We highly recommend masks for all attendees within the rented space.

How are room capacities in Huntington place currently determined?

At present there are no restrictions from state or local authorities. We do recommend social distancing.

What are the designated entry points available for the venue?

Elevator entrance #1,2 and 3 are available from Roof Parking, Elevators available from Washington Blvd garage. For those arriving on foot or being dropped off, Main entrance on Washington Blvd./Jefferson and Washington Blvd/Congress Street entrances are available. Those arriving on Atwater Street can enter from Atwater Entrance #1.

What parking garages are available for guest parking?

Roof top parking and Washington Garage parking is available for all events. Congress garage parking may be opened depending upon the needs.

What is the protocol for event attendee temperature scan?

Temperature scans are not required at this time.

Who is responsible for placing Covid-19 related signage in Huntington Place?

Huntington Place will provide signage for all public areas. Event specific signage in public spaces and all rented spaces to be provided by show organizer.

How do I arrange for EMT Service at my event?

All events with attendance of 2000 or more are required to have an EMT on site at event’s expense. Please consult with your Event Manager regarding service providers.

Does venue provide sanitizer stations?

We provide sanitizer stations in all public areas. Show organizers are responsible for sanitizer stations in and around their rented space.

What is the protocol for sanitization in my event area?

We will sanitize all restrooms, public spaces (high touch points) at regular intervals.  All meeting rooms will be sanitized before the start of event each day. Please consult with your Event Manager for cost of sanitization of exhibit halls or additional sanitization of meeting rooms.

Can we hold pre-event meetings on-line?

Yes, we strongly encourage virtual pre-event meetings.

What is the protocol for site visits at Huntington Place?

Site visits can be arranged for a limited number of people. Physical distancing and masks required.Please consult with your Sales Manager or Event Manager.

In-House Marketing Support And Shared Revenue Opportunities

Huntington Place can help you market your event in a variety of ways.  Here are a few of the products that can help you promote and enrich your event.  Consult your Sales or Event Manager for complete information.

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Huntington Place In-house AV Services

Premier Event Technology is Huntington Place's preferred AV supplier. With over 20 years of industry experience and on-site inventory, Premier is your best choice for audio-visual presentations.

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Website and Online Event Information

The Huntington Place website lists basic information for all events on the Event Calendar.  For a minimal fee, your event can also be listed on the homepage Events list, and have a link to a more detailed event listing that includes agendas, pictures, videos, speaker information, web links and much more. Work with your event manager to design a detailed event listing that is right for your event.

The Huntington Place homepage can have a Spotlight on Huntington Place section that shows everyone coming to the webpage a picture and statement about your event for a nominal fee.  Links to other webpages or your detailed event listing can also be included. Your Spotlight on Huntington Place listing runs during your event.

Also for a fee, a homepage overlay for the Huntington Place website can be created, announcing your event to everyone visiting the website during your event (they will need to close the overlay to access the website.) This placement gives your event maximum exposure to all website visitors.

General Information Handbook