Vibrant Detroit

Public Safety

Huntington Place Public Safety Is Priority One.

In conjunction with the North America International Auto Show (NAIAS), Huntington Place security formed a task force at the beginning of the latest rebrand and renovation comprised of representatives from all safety and security agencies in Detroit, the state of Michigan and the federal government. This task force includes the Detroit Police Department, Detroit Project Lighthouse, the Wayne County Police, Oakland County Police, Macomb County police, Michigan State Police, FBI, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, Homeland Security, U.S. Coast Guard and other interested parties. By leveraging technology resources, information and personnel records, a cooperative surveillance effort exists across the city 24/7/365

Pre-event Planning Means Customized Event Public Safety

The result of this initial task force was a template for the venue's event public safety that is unique in the nation and equal to none. Huntington Place strives at all times to develop event security with the right balance of ensuring public secuity and supporting an atmosphere of hospitality.

All security agencies in the Huntington Place network share access and surveilance to a city wide video network that keeps all eyes on all parts of downtown Detroit. Protocol for establishing event security tactics, disseminating information and staffing the command center is customized to each event in Huntington Place in order to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Pre-event table top exercises are conducted periodically to explore every security risk scenario and refresh procedure. The new Huntington Place is truly centered around you.

Security measures established for each event in Huntington Place support the entire event ecosystem. A united effort to mitigate risks through preparedness, security and safety measures is put in place to provide protection and peace of mind to all visitors.

COVID-19 health and safety measures

  • Look for signage throughout the center that explains health measures that keep the virus from spreading
  • Facemasks suggested during high COVID infection periods
  • Physical distancing of 6-feet is suggested during high COVID infection periods
  • Huntington Place conducts rigorous cleaning protocol outlined in the VenueShield® and GBAC STAR programs
  • The Huntington Place security team is ready to help and fully equipped in case of visitor illness

Pre-event planning forĀ events ensures the following are in place:

  • Inter-agency task force
  • Memorandums of agreement
  • Community policing strategy
  • Integrated radio command
  • Crisis communication plan
  • Contingency plans
  • Dignitary routes
  • Crowd control plans
  • Detroit Police (off duty) secondary deployment patrols
  • Canine unit security sweeps

What Visitors Can Do To Heighten Public Safety

  • Limit bags you carry 
  • Keep your event badge and government-issued photo ID on you as you enter show venues
  • Pre-register online 
  • Build time into your schedule for possible screening delays
  • Avoid bulky clothing
  • Leave luggage at your hotel

Contact your sales or event manager and ask about pre-event security planning for your event.

Major Event Public Safety

Show management must provide security in all exhibit halls and ballrooms. Huntington Place Public Safety can provide security services for your event at competitive prices, saving your show management time and money on administrative and technical costs. 

Pre-event planning will make sure that all security agencies working for your event are following Huntington Place procedure and protocol.

Contact your event manager for pricing or a list of companies approved to work in the building.