This is a new day at Huntington Place.  The addition of ASM Global as a nationally and internationally respected organization represents change - of structure, operations, offering and performance improvement.  

Whether you are exhibiting at a convention, conference, exposition, trade show or meeting, Huntington Place delivers ROI to your exhibit.

Huntington Place features amenities such as docks with direct drive-in access and service providers offering the latest technology assets to enhance your presence and message. Explore the Huntington Place’s resources that can help you save time and money, which add up to great business opportunities once showtime rolls around.

Advertise on our digital sign during your event and see it run 24/7 with 65 thousand impressions daily on a one of a kind sign in downtown Detroit.

Helpful Information

Online Event Services Ordering

Huntington Place Public Safety

Security measures established for each event in Huntington Place support the entire event ecosystem. A united effort to mitigate risks through preparedness, security and safety measures is put in place to provide protection and peace of mind to all visitors. Pre-event planning ensures that Huntington Place security is working effectively with your event security agency to create an environment of safety and hospitality for all attendees.

Visit our Public Safety page for more information.

Connecting with Our Community

Huntington Place works closely with the several local non profit agencies like Habitat for Humanity and the Salvation Army to donate surplus event materials.  If you are interested in participating in this substantial charitable contribution, and other Green Event programs, please contact your Event Manager. We thank you in advance for your dedication to our community.