Tech Services Brochure

It's the people (and the tech) that make the place. The Huntington Place Tech Services offering is among the best in the business. High-Tech Digital Display Systems, Virtual & Hybrid Events and an Ready-to-go (R2G) broadcast studio are just a few of the game-changing event technologies available when hosting your next event at Huntington Place. See for yourself.

Tech Services Brochure

Digital Signage System

Huntington Place can help you market your event with digital signage in a variety of ways: live stream broadcasting; advertising; sponsorship highlights; hybrid meeting broadcasts for off-site attendees; and information distribution. Here are a few of the products that can help you promote and enrich your event.  Consult your sales or event manager for complete information.

Digital Signs


Commercial sponsorship and advertising revenue opportunities are available on the exterior digital display on the outside corner of  Huntington Place at Washington Bouvelard and Congress Street. Commercial rates:  30% commission of total revenue sold OR $10,000 weekly fee for non-exclusive use.  Special negotiation based on a shorter time frame or ad sales is possible. The two 60'x25' boards create 3.000 square feet of advertising space that runs 24 hours a day in the heart of the downtown Detroit financial district.


Digital Sign Specs

Huntington Place offers multiple digital opportunities to showcase your event, promote sponsorships and engage with event attendees. This guide will aid in content development for the digital signage system and information on internet and WiFi splash page.

Digital Sign Specs

Tech Services Brochure

Preview the Huntington Place Tech Services offering, one of the best in the business. See for yourself. CLICK HERE

The Technology Services Team

Huntington Place's Technology Services Department manages a turn-key operation where the show manager, or their vendor, provides the content, and Huntington Place technicians broadcast it through the network's infrastructure. Huntington Place technicians can, and often do, create the content on of behalf of users.

The in-house team gives customers access to the facilities digital signage, robust WiFi network and an extensive fiber network for broadcasting and Internet connections that can upgrade customers to 10G, depending on the needs of their event. 

For enhanced technology services such as fiber connectivity, contact your event manager.

Download Technology Services Brochure

Hybrid Meeting Packages

In an ever-changing world, our solutions are completely scalable and flexible, offering everything you need to market, host, stream, and analyze a virtual event within one platform, including RemoteCast which delivers 100% remote presenters, attendees and crews. We can deliver a complete turnkey virtual event for you within eight weeks.

All aspects of your virtual event experience can be branded and customized to your specifications using the hive platform - email marketing, website, landing pages, check-in at every event experience.

Explore our many hybrid event options with your event manager.

Custom Broadcast Studio

  • The Huntington Place Ready2Go Studio is built to customer specifications near the event. It is a quick, cost effective, deployable solution that can be placed in any event space.
  • We offer lighting, audio, LED, video and streaming equipment that is all scalable to meet the needs of your next event. 
  • Studio can easily integrate remote presenters into virtual events, hybrid events or multi-location hybrid conferences. It even has the ability to enhance your event with Augmented Reality (AR) or Extended Reality (XR).
  • Packages offer Simulcast up to 4K in multiple locations, accommodating any audience size. 


Two 10GB trunks provide Internet connectivity

The full facility fiber optic network in Huntington Place is supported by two ISP providers each supplying 10Gbps trunks for full redundancy.

Free Robust WiFi Throughout Huntington Place

 A robust FREE WiFi system, is available throughout the building for visitors. Private networks are also available when added security is needed. Our facility-wide fiber optic network and 20 Gbps broadband network support live broadcasts and news conferences.

Ask your event manager for attendee WiFi usage tracking reports for daily crowd control and physical distancing plans.

Generate Revenue For Your Event

Customers use Huntington Place Technology Services to generate revenue for their events:

  • Advertising
  • Hybrid meetings
  • Sponsorship highlights
  • Attendance building
  • Live streaming 

Huntington Place's Full Facility Fiber Network

The Huntington Place has an extensive offering of technology services that will enhance your event and provide new revenue streams: live steam from anywhere in Huntington Place over the full facility fiber network; live feed streaming to digital signs; soundstage recording; and webcasting and videoconferencing for hybrid audiences.

The fiber network throughout Huntington Place can be set up to feed into a command center studio established to coordinate of your event. Broadcasts from the show floor, hybrid meetings, live stream concerts and broadcasts from a sound stage can all be live streamed on the Huntington Place digital signage or streamed online. Our Technology Services team is ready to customize the latest telecommunication protocols to best meet your needs.