The Technology Services Team

Huntington Place's Technology Services Department manages a turn-key operation where the show manager, or their vendor, provides the content, and Huntington Place technicians broadcast it through the network's infrastructure. Huntington Place technicians can, and often do, create the content on of behalf of users.

The in-house team gives customers access to the facilities digital signage, robust WiFi network and an extensive fiber network for broadcasting and Internet connections that can upgrade customers to 10G, depending on the needs of their event. 

For enhanced technology services such as fiber connectivity, contact your event manager.

Download Technology Services Brochure

In-house Broadcast Studio

  • Studio space with add-on options in center available
  • 55-foot by 13-foot LED wall 
  • Includes turnkey broadcast control room with television-quality broadcast tools for graphics, video, and lighting
  • Scalable services to meet every event need
  • Simulcast up to 4K in multiple locations
  • Any size audience can be accommodated
  • Broadcasts consist of in-house live and remote presenters, as well as prerecord material
  • All necessary equipment stored in-house for immediate access
  • The studio is capable of hosting in-person presenters, panels, and virtual participants
  • Flexible capabilities including live shots, newsroom, green screen, augmented reality and more
  • Internal fiber network from all points within facility can connect to control room
  • Green Room availability
  • Access to outside broadcast fiber and satellite networks
  • High bandwidth redundant Internet service for inbound and outbound streaming

Download Huntington Place Executive Studio Brochure

Two 10GB trunks provide Internet connectivity

Two 10GB trunks provide Internet connectivity for the Huntington Place to support failover redundancies to meet the needs of the industry’s biggest power users.

Free Robust WiFi Throughout Huntington Place

A robust FREE WiFi system supports users throughout Huntington Place. Pre-planning for your event will insure your event will minimize cross-channel interference and allow for a hi-speed user experience. Ask your event manager for attendee WiFi usage tracking reports for daily crowd control and physical distancing plans.

If your event indicates hi-usage, our technicians can design a custom wireless array based on your anticipated traffic patterns and frequent congregation areas, to manage the network during your event and insure a smooth WiFi experience in your location.

Streaming applications and conference voting systems may require a wired services to insure uninterrupted connection. Make sure your event planner understands exactly what Internet applications will be used for your event so that Huntington Place Technology Services technicians can design a system to meet your needs.

For your best WiFi usage experience at Huntington Place, we recommend using 5GHz vs 2.4Ghz for any devices connecting to our service as it will provide faster upload and download capabilities.

Generate Revenue For Your Event

Customers use Huntington Place Technology Services to generate revenue for their events:

  • Advertising
  • Hybrid meetings
  • Sponsorship highlights
  • Attendance building
  • Live streaming 

Huntington Place's Full Facility Fiber Network

The Huntington Place has an extensive offering of technology services that will enhance your event and provide new revenue streams: live steam from anywhere in Huntington Place over the full facility fiber network; live feed streaming to digital signs; soundstage recording; and webcasting and videoconferencing for hybrid audiences.

The fiber network throughout Huntington Place can be set up to feed into a command center can be established to coordinate of your event. Broadcasts from the show floor, hybrid meetings, live stream concerts and broadcasts from a sound stage can all be live streamed on the Huntington Place digital signage or streamed online. Our Technology Services team is ready to customize telecommunication protocols to best meet your needs.