Huntington Place Digital Signage System

Huntington Place can help you market your event with digital signage in a variety of ways: live stream broadcasting; advertising; sponsorship highlights; hybrid meeting broadcasts for off-site attendees; and information distribution. Here are a few of the products that can help you promote and enrich your event.  Consult your sales or event manager for complete information.

Exterior digital display advertising and shared revenue opportunities

Commercial sponsorship and advertising revenue opportunities are available on the exterior digital display on the outside corner of  Huntington Place at Washington Bouvelard and Congress Street. Contact your event manager for rates and commission structures. The two 60'x25' boards create 3.000 square feet of advertising space that runs 24 hours a day in the heart of the downtown Detroit financial district.

The Huntington Place Marquee digital sign provides a unique opportunity for planners to highlight their event and sponsors on the giant 160'x30' board that overlooks Huntington Place Square, Jefferson Avenue, Hart Plaza, the Fort Pontchartrain Hotel, and the Detroit Riverwalk.  One full-size graphic for your event is complimentary. Additional media will incur small programming and design fees. 

Corner Exterior Digital Sign

The 3000 square foot exterior digital sign on the northwest corner of Huntington Place can generate revenue streams for your event. Sell advertising, display sponsor media and create messages about your event to the downtown Detroit public. Contact your event manager for more details.

Marquee Exterior Digital Sign

Huntington Place's massive marquee digital sign spans the view from Jefferson Avenue and Washington Bouldvard in downtown Detroit. The 4,800 square foot sign displays graphic and supergraphic content for events and sponsors. 1.2 million monthly impressions of event content adds tremendous value for attendance building, sponsorship recognition and brand recognition. Live streaming from your event to the sign is also available. Ask your event manager for more details.

Digital Signs at the Cork & Grind

Huntington Place's new coffee and wine bar, the Cork & Grind, offers unique digital display opportunities for sponsors and advertisers during your event.  The ten screen display can be configured to present your graphics or videos. Consult your sales or event manager for pricing.

Business Center Digital Display

The digital display above the Business Center located on the Huntington Place concourse can be used to promote sponsors or other advertisers. Contact your event manager for rates and commission structures. Every event is included in the upcoming event display (that runs when the board is not sold.) Contact your sales or event manager for more information.

Meeting Room Screens

Meeting room digital signage in Huntington Place includes more than 100 screens located outside of meeting rooms, ballrooms and exhibit halls. One slide per day is complimentary to each show. Design and scheduling fees apply beyond that. Events can submit their own graphic design or request assistance with graphic design. Consult your sales or event manager for more information.