At Huntington Place, we believe that an informed exhibitor is a successful exhibitor. Below is a list of commonly asked questions and their answers. We are confident you will find Huntington Place to be the most user-friendly convention center in the nation.

Is there a Code of Conduct at Huntington Place? Are there prohibited items?



  • Foul or abusive language or obscene gestures towards other patrons, staff, or performers.
  • Intoxication or signs of impairment related to substance consumption.
  • Fighting, taunting, or threatening remarks or gestures.
  • Obscene or indecent messages on signs or clothing.
  • Any disruption to the progress of the event by the guest’s actions.
  • Any disruption or interference of others’ activities in the building.
  • Throwing of any objects.
  • Failing to follow the instructions of convention center personnel or law enforcement personnel.

Any violation will result in being evicted from the building with no admission/registration




  • Weapons of any kind: guns, knives, chains, spiked jewelry, brass knuckles, tasers, etc. (ONLY ON-DUTY UNIFORMED LAW ENFORCEMENT WILL BE ALLOWED TO CARRY FIREARMS IN THE BUILDING)
  • Fake weapons: axes, knives, swords, etc.
  • Stickers, flyers
  • Alcohol brought in from outdoors
  • Glass or coolers
  • Illegal substances
  • Whistles, air horns, or electric noise makers
  • Spray paint
  • Illegal drugs, paraphernalia or electric vaping devices
  • Fireworks
  • Fuel, torches, or lighter fluid
  • Balls, frisbees, bats, clubs, or any projectiles
  • Animals (service animals not included)
  • Laser light pointers
  • Drones or Remote Control Aircraft
  • Optical illusions (anything that interferes with the ability of the eye to perceive depth or distance, such as pinwheels)
  • Aerosol products/cans
  • Obscene or indecent messages on clothing, accessories, signs or other personal items
  • Helium balloons

Tell me about the trade unions that work at Huntington Place.

Huntington Place has a well-qualified, trained union staff available.

Teamsters/Iron Workers: Perform material handling of freight, rental furniture etc.

Electricians: handle electrical work which includes supplying power to the booth, making connections when hard wiring and/or harnesses are required and installing static lighting that is not built-in, integral part of the exhibit booth.

Stagehands shall do stage and lighting set up , but not limited to, press events, shows and theatrical style events. This shall include theatrical rigging, cued lighting, theatrical lighting, video lighting, projection, audio, electronic show equipment (i.e. audio, cameras, switches etc.) and props and scenery. 

Carperters: assemble exhibits

What can I do in my booth without using union workers?

As an exhibitor you have a great latitude to perform your own work in a booth up to 400 square feet (except island booths) using a 3 step ladder and cordless hand tools. See the General Information Handbook for more details.

How do I arrange for electrical services in my booth/ meeting rooms?

Electrical Services in booths is provided exclusively by Huntington Place. You may reach us at 313-877-8777. You may access the order form online HERE. In meeting rooms you may plug into limited power available through the wall outlets at no additional cost. Additional power may be requested.

Can I bring in my exhibit material myself without using union services?

Yes. You may transport your own materials from the front exhibit hall doors, or from the designated POV (privately owned vehicle) loading dock, using a two-wheel cart.

How do I arrange for Vacuum Services in my booth?

Vacuum services are available exclusivly through Huntington Place. You may us 313-877-8777. You may access the website order form online HERE. If you bring your own vacuum cleaner, you may vacuum your own booth.

How do I arrange for Food Service at the Center?

All food and beverage services at Huntington Place are provided by our exclusive food service partner – Sedexo Live. You may contact them at 313-877-7967.

Is there parking available at the Center?

Yes, there are 2246 parking spaces attached to Huntington Place: 1250 at the Roof Deck, and 406 in the Huntington Place Congress St. Garage and 640 in the Washington Blvd. Garage. Hours of operation for Huntington Place parking garages may vary depending upon the event needs. Huntington Place is not responsible for items left in cars parked in the Huntington Place garages. For more information visit our Parking webpage.

Does the Convention Center have Wi -Fi?

Yes, Huntington Place has free, ultra high speed Wi-Fi available throughout the facility for use. WiFi saturation is a problem for all big events and can make WiFi connectivity unreliable.  If portions of your event are relying upon Internet, we highly recommend you order a hard wire connection for uninterrupted connectivity. 

How do I get to the Convention Center?

Huntington Place is located in downtown Detroit at the Corner of Washington Blvd. and East Jefferson Ave. Please visit our Getting Here page. 

How far is the airport from the center?

The Metro Airport is located approximately 16 miles from the Center. You may use a taxi cab or use the link below to make a reservation for Airport Shuttle pick up, service provided by our transportation partner, Trinity Transportation.

Is Detroit safe for my event and attendees?

Yes. Huntington Place is an established lighthouse facility in downtown Detroit and Huntington Place Public Safety fully collaborates with Project Lighthouse.

The Downtown Detroit Partnership, with its ongoing efforts to provide safety, lighting and code enforcement,  and Project Lighthouse, a private public collaboration of business and public safety departments, has created a security force in downtown Detroit that is unique in the nation and equal to none.

The Downtown Detroit Partnership is a private/public partnership of corporate and civic leaders that supports, advocates and develops programs and initiatives that create a clean, vibrant, safe, beautiful, inviting and economically strong Downtown Detroit community. The public partners are the City of Detroit and the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation. Their Safety, Lighting and Code Enforcement program supports an environment that provides residents, workers and visitors personal safety with:  a uniformed presence on downtown streets; an improved perception and realization of public order created by clean streets and sidewalks, well-maintained landscaping, public spaces and streetscape elements; good lighting; elimination of blight using tools such as stringent code enforcement.

Project Lighthouse is a collaboration of all security and law enforcement agencies in the downtown Detroit area including Homeland Security, the US Coast Guard, FBI, Customs and Border Patrol, state, county and city police departments and all private security companies. By leveraging technology resources, information and personnel records, a cooperative survellience effort exists across the city 24/7/365.  This effort creates:

  • courtesy patrols in downtown Detroit
  • crime mapping and analysis
  • a superior camera and video network
  • 23 lighthouse facilities established to help people in an emergency

What hotels are close to Huntington Place?

For a list of downtown Detroit hotels close to Huntington Place visit our website Hotel Information page. To seach for rooms in the greater Metro Detroit area go to Visit Detroit

Does Huntington Place require that I carry insurance for my event?

Yes.  A $1 million bodily injury and property damage combined insurance policy must be in effect and proof submitted 10 days before the start of any operations in Huntington Place.  All policies shall contain an endorsement providing for furnishing Huntington Place 10 days written notice of termination of insurance for any cause.

The Detroit Regional Convention Facility Authority and ASM Global shall be named as additional insured on the policy and insurance certificate.

Huntington Place reserves the right to require that events provide additional insurance if deemed advisable due to special circumstances.

For non-exhibit hall events, if you are unable to obtain insurance, it may be purchased through Huntington Place. Consult your sales or event manager for more information at 313-877-8216 or email: info@huntingtonplacedetroit.com  

Certain events may require additional insurance rates.

Do you rent wheel chairs?

Complimentary non-motorized wheel chairs are available for use on first come first serve basis. Please visit our Information desk located in the main concourse/lobby.

Where can I park my car to load/unload my exhibit materials?

You may park your car at the Rooftop Parking or Huntington Place Congress Street Garage and bring your materials in using the front door of the exhibit halls. Parking is not available in front of the center for such activities.

Can I ship my booth and materials directly to the Convention Center?

Yes, you may ship directly to the convention center provided prior arrangements have been made with your Show Appointed Contractor. Please check the exhibitor manual provided to you by your show/event management for more details. When shipping your materials, the shipment must be scheduled to arrive during the dates specified in your exhibitor kit and address must include the name of the show, name of your company and the booth number.

Do you have policy on advertising within the building?

Event advertising placements are available on the Huntington Place digital sign system that includes two external media mesh signs, the concourse video board over the business center and the video board sign system placed throughout the food court, Grand Riverview Ballroom, atrium and meeting rooms.  Refer the the "Meeting Planner Tools" section of the website for more information.

Event banners can be displayed on the outside of Huntington Place for a fee and with Center approval. Advertising is limited within the rented exhibit space or meeting rooms. For details on the rules concerning signs and banner placement consult the Huntington Place General Information Handbook and your event manager.

Who provides security to my rented space?

In most of the meeting rooms the key system can be changed to a limited access keys at a per room nominal fee. In exhibit halls and concourse, if used for registration etc., please use the services of a private security firm. Consult your event manager for a list of security providers.