Side Hustle & Opportunity Conference Announced between New York based MAD Event Management and Sherwood Enterprises in TCF Center

July 12, 2021

Warwick, New York, July 12, 2021....MAD Event Management LLC is pleased to announce a partnership with Sherwood Enterprises to launch a new conference series, Side Hustle & Opportunity Conference (SHO-Con). The inaugural show will be held on November 6, 2021, at the TCF Center in Detroit, MI.
“When we announced our partnerships in Detroit with Messe Düsseldorf North America (MDNA) and Visit Detroit, we were confident we would be able to activate on this program with Brian Sherwood quickly. His vision married with ours on every level and we have strong partners in place to support us,” said Martha Donato, founder & President, MAD Event Management. “This is going to be a winning combination of partners, exciting content and the realization of a long-term strategy to bring events to Detroit.”

“I’m excited to join forces with Mad Event Management and MDNA to help this Side Hustles & Opportunities Conference vision become a reality.  They understand the hustle mindset and we are all driven by the shared value to help all people accomplish dreams - big and small!” said Brian Sherwood, founder & CEO, Sherwood Enterprises.

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About Side Hustle:

Side Hustles & Opportunities Conference (SHO Con) is the first installment of and event series that caters to the hustler spirit; people who are striving for more out of life by working hard or sacrificing to have a better tomorrow.  For some people that is doing extra work or saving in order to experience life more today, and for others it's about making life altering changes to chase a more empowering life for the long term.  Regardless of motivation, SHO Con will provide targeted conference sessions, unique networking, and sponsor activations to help people shorten the learning curve and make real plans that will help them achieve their goals more quickly.  If you hustle, if you want more out of life - we are building a gateway to connect you with the information and people to make it happen.

About TCF Center Detroit:

With 723,000 square feet of exhibit space, TCF Center, formerly Cobo Center, boasts one of the largest contiguous exhibit floor spaces in North America and has the largest ballroom in Michigan with 40,000 square feet. It has received numerous industry awards for excellence including the 2020 USGBC Leadership Award for Building Performance, making it the only convention center in the history of the award to receive it.

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