TCF Center Plans for Events After COVID-19 Crisis

May 12, 2020

TCF Center’s recent LEED Gold Certification from the U. S. Green Buildings Council is designed to assure the highest industry standards for improved environmental and human health performance. But planning for a post COVID-19 pandemic event center requires more.


While the alternative care center is placed on pause and not accepting patients, the team at TCF Center is currently immersed in planning to secure the safety and health of all visitors, while giving customers expanded event options to do the same.


For example, ASM Global, TCF Center’s venue management company,  has launched the VenueShield Environmental Hygiene Program. Partnering with leading health officials and industry leaders in industrial hygiene and sanitation to develop the program, it upgrades centers to the heightened level of cleanliness now expected by customers.


ASM’s new measures will include use of personal protective equipment for staff, air-quality control, surface cleaning, temperature checks, thermal cameras, reduced touch points, contactless payments, and more. The program provides the most advanced hygienic safeguards that serve clients, guests, staff, teams, talent, and all other visitors.


“We realize that all of our venues across the globe are economic engines for their respective communities, representing local tax revenues, travel revenues and jobs,” said Bob Newman, president and CEO of ASM Global. “We look forward to reopening these local and regional economic foundations, stimulating local economies, and again delivering the entertainment experience that has defined us for decades.”


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Recent enhancements in TCF Center security create a united effort to lessen risks through preparedness in the venue. The facilities command center hosts any number of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in a network designed to meet the demands of individual events. Events can also be screened for potential threats by the Detroit Police Department and the Department of Homeland Security. A Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system is monitored seven days a week, 365 days a year in three shifts.


A permanent medical isolation room is now stocked with necessary PPE and equipment to assist attendees. The security command center has established protocol with local medical centers to provide immediate assistance if needed.


“We operate a staffed, live-monitored command center 24/7, and we are now able to see almost everything happening around our 55-acre property," said Claude Molinari, general manager TCF Center/ASM Global. “If we miss something, we can quickly review recorded video. The new system is quite comprehensive.”


New technology packages will allow customers to enhance the health and safety of attendees with hybrid meetings and online conferences, allowing events to accommodate attendees that are not comfortable traveling to participate. WiFi Usage Reports can be provided to track crowd movements in real time and allow event adaptations that insure social distancing.


Developing new business practices as we emerge from the greatest public health crisis of our time is the challenge. The TCF Center team is accessing all available resources to continue to make your event our most important event of the year. Further changes in food and beverage service are being developed and we will continue to notify you of new safety measures as we shift toward resuming event operations. The changes made to both operations and organizational culture will help create our future as a sustainable and resilient venue.


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