Improved Lighting Graces TCF Center's Grand Riverview Ballroom

Feb 3, 2020

Let there be light or, in TCF Center’s case, let there be upgraded light.


One-hundred-eighty-four lighting fixtures were upgraded in TCF Center's Grand Riverview Ballroom and pre-function area in January.




The upgrades allow the audio-visual  contractors of venue customers to program any color in the RGBW spectrum into the system in various sequence templates. Dim white color tuning between 6,000 kilowatts and 2,700 kilowatts is also possible.


"Our 40,000-square-foot ballroom is one of the best in the industry," said Claude Molinari, general manager of TCF Center/ASM Global. "This extensive lighting upgrade makes it even better, giving events a new wow-factor."


ballroom lights.jpg


Both large and small event audio-visual companies can use their own equipment and reach all lighting fixtures. Premier Event Technology, TCF Center's preferred in-house audio-visual company, has the most experience with the system and is always available to contract with events in the venue.


ballroom lights2.jpg