Huntington Place Elevates Security Standards with Marlon Wilson at the Helm

Apr 10, 2024

DETROIT— April 9th, 2024 – Today, Becky Bixby, interim general manager for Huntington Place/ASM Global, is thrilled to unveil an innovative security training program orchestrated by the Public Safety Director, Marlon Wilson. Bixby affirms, “Huntington Place is dedicated to providing a secure and enjoyable experience for all our guests. Marlon’s leadership and collaborative efforts with other Detroit Directors of Security reinforce our commitment to making safety our top priority.” Wilson, a seasoned law enforcement professional, kickstarted his career with the Detroit Police Department at the age of 19, inheriting a proud legacy of public service. His extensive experience positions him to lead our security team effectively and establishes a crucial network within the city, fostering a secure environment both inside and outside the venue.

Under Marlon Wilson's guidance, a comprehensive training program has been introduced at Huntington Place, designed to equip the venue's staff with essential skills. Covering critical areas such as First Aid, human trafficking awareness, active shooter response, and first observer training, this initiative ensures the team is well-prepared to handle diverse situations effectively. In partnership with the Detroit Police Department, Huntington Place is provided Evolv Security Scanners to strengthen convention center security, exemplifying a proactive approach to safeguarding event attendees. ASM Global's corporate sponsorship with Evolv further fortifies this commitment, positioning Huntington Place as a leader in comprehensive security measures.

Wilson emphasizes the importance of not only ensuring the safety of Huntington Place but also extending his focus to the broader safety of the city of Detroit. Actively maintaining a strong police presence in the streets, Wilson assures police are focusing on guest safety and directing traffic during events, contributing significantly to the overall security posture of the city.

Additionally, he and other Directors of Security in the city of Detroit, aligned in their dedication to citizen safety, have formed a formidable network. This commitment is evident in actions like Ford Field generously donating Screening Mags to Huntington Place. This cutting-edge technology enhances the venue's capability to conduct efficient security screenings, ensuring a secure environment for all attendees. This network of security directors also operates on the same radio channel during Huntington Place events, enabling real-time information sharing about attendees and facilitating swift responses to potential security concerns. This synchronized approach underscores the venue's commitment to proactive risk management.

Huntington Place held its first annual First Responder Thank You Breakfast to express gratitude to the many Detroit area safety and security agencies that contribute to ongoing public safety efforts at the venue. The venue’s Security Response Team comprises representatives from all safety and security agencies in Detroit, the state of Michigan, and the federal government, including the Detroit Police Department, Detroit Project Lighthouse, Michigan State Police, FBI, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, Homeland Security, U.S. Coast Guard, Secret Service, Detroit Fire Marshal’s Office, local health Departments, and other local venues working closely with Wilson and his on-site staff.

Building on our public and private sector partnerships, including more collaborative training and security exercises, we look to work toward obtaining our Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation. These enhancements will ensure that as a safety and security community, we are always in a state of planning and preparation, allowing for better communication and management in the event of a critical incident.

"I’ve witnessed firsthand the resilience of Detroit – a city built on grit, grind and an unwavering commitment to community.” Wilson states, “Here, security isn’t just a job- it’s shared responsibility that underscores the essence of our city. In Detroit, we look out for one another, recognizing that safety and well-being are fundamental to our collective success. It’s this ethos of solidarity that defines us, making Detroit a place where each individual’s vigilance contributes to the strength and unity of our community.”

With Marlon Wilson leading the charge, Huntington Place is set to establish new benchmarks in event security, ensuring that every guest can enjoy events with peace of mind.





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