Giant Leap for Sustainable Transportation in Cobo Center

Oct 4, 2017

It was a busy summer for Cobo Center, collaborating with local Detroit companies to provide sustainable transportation to visitors. From the downtown lightrail system, to the new midtown street car system, to our new bike share station, visitors can extend their experience in affordable, sustainable ways. 

First of course, the People Mover has a station on the 4th floor of Cobo Center, with 13 stops at the most enjoyable parts of the downtown area. At just $.75 a ride, it pays to begin your excursion here.

The Q-Line was finished this summer, and connects downtown to the creative culture and boutique commerce of midtown. Museums, universities, tech campus, research institutes, automotive centers, sports, music, cross cultural dining are all available from a Q-Line ride. The People Mover and the Q-Line share a station at Grand Circus Park for visitors wishing to extend a tour.

Cobo Center now has the largest MoGo bike share station on-site for your convenience. With 430 bikes and 43 stations across 10 Detroit neighborhoods, MoGo bike share is designed for quick and sustainable trips around town. Passes can be purchased on the MoGo website or at the station with a credit card. More info here