Ensuring Safety: Huntington Place's Innovative Security Measures

Apr 10, 2024

In the realm of event management, safety stands as an utmost priority. Today, Becky Bixby, the interim general manager for Huntington Place/ASM Global, is proud to announce a groundbreaking security initiative led by the newly appointed Director of Security, Marlon Wilson.

Bixby expresses her excitement, stating, "Huntington Place is dedicated to providing a secure and enjoyable experience for all our guests. Marlon’s leadership and collaborative efforts with other Detroit Directors of Security reinforce our commitment to making safety our top priority."

Marlon Wilson brings a wealth of experience to the table, having begun his career with the Detroit Police Department at just 19 years old. With a legacy steeped in public service, Wilson's expertise positions him as a formidable leader capable of navigating complex security landscapes.

Under Wilson's guidance, Huntington Place has introduced a comprehensive training program tailored to equip the venue's staff with indispensable skills. Covering areas such as First Aid, human trafficking awareness, active shooter response, and first observer training, this initiative ensures the team is adept at handling diverse situations effectively.

Fire Extinguisher1.jpg

In a proactive stance towards security, Huntington Place has partnered with the Detroit Police Department to implement Evolv Security Scanners, fortifying convention center security. This partnership underscores the venue's commitment to staying ahead of potential threats.

Wilson emphasizes that safety isn't confined within the venue's walls; it extends to the broader Detroit community. By maintaining a visible police presence and directing traffic during events, Wilson and his team contribute significantly to the city's overall security posture.

Collaboration among security directors in Detroit has led to tangible outcomes, exemplified by Ford Field's generous donation of Screening Mags to Huntington Place. This cutting-edge technology enhances security screening capabilities, ensuring a safe environment for all attendees.

Moreover, Huntington Place recently held its inaugural First Responder Thank You Breakfast, expressing gratitude to the numerous safety and security agencies contributing to public safety efforts at the venue. The Security Response Team comprises representatives from various agencies, fostering a robust network focused on safeguarding the community.

First Responders Breakfast1.jpg

Looking ahead, Huntington Place aims to further enhance its security measures through collaborative training exercises and partnerships, with the goal of obtaining the Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation. These efforts reflect the venue's unwavering commitment to proactive risk management and community safety.

Marlon Wilson encapsulates the spirit of Detroit, emphasizing the city's resilience and collective responsibility towards safety. He states, "In Detroit, security isn’t just a job—it’s a shared responsibility that underscores the essence of our city."

With Marlon Wilson at the helm, Huntington Place is poised to set new standards in event security, ensuring that every guest can enjoy events with peace of mind.