Detroit prepares for bigger, better, more futuristic auto show in Huntington Place

June 26, 2023

2023 Detroit Auto Show tickets go on sale to the public July 17


Auto shows across the country have been returning from the pandemic hiatus slowly, and with an eye on the future of human mobility. Cars are still the stars but are transforming gasoline fueled internal combustion engines and looking toward electric, hydrogen, and hybrid engines in some combination. How this transformation unfolds in the future will depend on how the technologies can adapt rather than replace automobiles already in service, and how the technologies for new vehicles can best meet zero emissions standards in the process of development globally.


At last year’s Detroit Auto Show, President Joe Biden announced the release of funding to advance a nationwide EV future. This included a first round of nearly $6 billion to finance the construction of EV charging stations in 35 states to form a cross-country network designed to include more than 100,000 chargers. The funding is meant to jump-start the White House’s goal of having 50% of all new vehicle sales be electric by 2030 through the president’s Investing in America Agenda.


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The funding also supported the construction of country’s first electric road system to charge electric vehicles in Detroit. Three-quarters of a mile somewhere along Michigan Avenue and a section of 14th Street will have underground e-coils that will charge a vehicle automatically on the infrastructure. The Israeli-based company Electreon is developing the technology in Europe and will construct this Detroit experiment.


Additionally, Michigan’s Department of Labor is building the first autonomous car lane, planned to run from Michigan Avenue in front of the Ford's Michigan Central Depot, 40 miles to Ann Arbor.


This year, the Detroit Auto Show’s Global Forum will be held concurrently with Media and Technology Days (Sept. 13-14) with plans for discussion on these trends and issues facing today’s ever-changing automotive industry by the world’s leading OEM C-level experts. Michigan’s Governor Whitmer will present a keynote discussing Michigan’s leadership role in the electrification of the automobile industry.




“We are always excited to host the Detroit Auto Show as it speaks to the roots of our community as well as the future of where we are going as a city,” said Karen Totaro, general manager Huntington Place/ASM Global. “EV technology is Detroit!”


Fireside chats and themed panels are also being scheduled as hosted by industry journalists. The final schedule is still in development as applications for speakers and panelists are current being curated but it is shaping up to be nothing short of spectacular.


Plug and Play, a leading innovation platform that connects startups with corporations, venture capital firms, and government agencies to share new technologies all over the automotive industry, is returning as the official co-host of the Startup Arena, open on Media and Technology Days on the main show floor. 


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Public Days at the Detroit Auto Show this year will include a new indoor EV Experience that affords visitors the chance to immerse themselves in a wide range of EV vehicles. Sitting alongside a professional driver, show-goers will traverse through a serpentine track that includes an acceleration lane stretching more than 300 feet inside Huntington Place. Show-goers hands-on experiences in electric and autonomous vehicles on an outside course that travels along the Detroit riverfront over portions of the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix downtown race circuit.


“This year’s show represents the next step in its evolution and in the evolution of the industry itself,” said Detroit Auto Show Chairman Thad Szott.  “Automotive technology is changing so rapidly; how do we make people comfortable with it?  We’re planning for a show that not only embraces and educates about this new technology but offers an immersion into it.  And with twice the number of brands participating, there’ll be no shortage of engaging with it.”


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Full brand portfolios will be on display from Detroit’s big three, Jeep, Ram and Ford, along with new experiential exhibits. Multiple vehicle debuts have been confirmed for the show, and there will be increased representation from a number of brands.  This year show officials expect double the number of participating brands. 


Tickets go on sale to the public July 17 for the show that runs Sept. 13-24, and can be purchased through the Detroit Auto Dealers Association by calling 888-838-7500 or at Huntington Place the day of the show. Technology Day Tickets run $75. The price of adult tickets for Public Days is $20, Seniors $12 and children $10. Children two years and under are free when accompanied by a parent or guardian and do not require a ticket. Visit for the most up-to-date show details, including press conference schedules, show times, tickets prices, hotel information, entertainment updates and what not to miss at the show.


“This is the year to test drive an Electronic Vehicle right on the floor of Huntington Place! There will be track options inside and test driving outside as well,” said Totaro. “Where else can you do all the various model testing in one location, shop the show floor, consume some cold beverages and great BBQ … it’s a perfect family outing.”


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