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Convention Center Expansion at Huntington Place

The Detroit Regional Convention Facility Authority (DRCFA) has developed a strategically competitive plan for Huntington Place to maintain and enhance its position in the industry by attracting major local, state, national, and international events.

For a concept presentation of the convention center expansion project click HERE



What is the scope of the Convention Center Expansion?

The current conceptual scope of the expansion includes a 2nd Av. connection that spans across the M-10 (Freeway) and provides a connection into downtown Detroit, and a new parking deck that will serve the needs of Huntington Place with a 10 story precast and steel stricture and includes a bridge from Huntington Place to the Sterling Group Residences at Water Square on 3rd Av..

What is the timeline for the 2nd Av. Connection?

The current conceptual timeline for the 2nd Av. Connection includes:

• 100% Foundation wall design, Atwater to M‐10 – January 24’

• MDOT, Fed Highways, City of Detroit concept approvals – January 24’

• 100% Design Completion – March 24’ – Only Phase I

• MDOT, Fed Highways, city of Detroit Final Approvals – April 24’

• Construction Bid and Award – April 24’

• South 520’ West Foundation Wall Complete – August 15, 2024

• 2nd Av. Phase 1 (Vehicular Drive) ‐ 100% Construction Completion – January 1, 2026

• 2nd Av. Phase 2 (Pedestrian Walkway) – 100% Construction Completion (Dependent on Helix Removal) – June 26’

• Activation and Closeout – July 26’

What is the timeline for the new parking deck?

The conceptual timeline for the new parking deck includes:

• Design Services Bid and Award – January 24’

• 100% Design – Approximately – June 24’

• City of Detroit Permits, Planning Department Approvals – June 24’

• Construction Bid and Award – July 24’

• South Half ‐ 100% Construction Completion – November 25’

• Helix Removal Completion – December June 26’

• North Half – 100% Construction Completion – May 26’

• Activation and Closeout– July 26’

How do I seek business opportunities with the DRCFA for expansion work?

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Where can I find the current solicitation projects listed for the DRCFA?

A listing of all currently open and closed DRCFA RFP/RFQ projects can be found HERE