Welcome to the new Huntington Place. Metro Detroit. Downtown. A city and a center rising. It is the people.  The place. The relationships. It is a story of determination. And the experience of a great city reaching new heights.

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Parking at Huntington Place


Hotel Information

The extended Detroit area has a wide range of hotel accommodations to suit every need.

Local Attractions

Food at Huntington Place

Cork & Grind

  • Great Lakes Coffee
  • Breakfast Items
  • After 11am Speciality Wine
  • Small Plates

Made in Detroit Food Court*

  • Polish Cuisine
  • Motown Burgers, Hot Dogs, Fries
  • Italian Kitchen
  • Build-a-Salad
  • Panini Corner
  • TCF Deli And Bakery
  • Grab 'N Go

*Natural Ingredients Locally Sourced.